It will never come back..

It will never come always be running, without turning back. Scary ha! Yeah..I am honestly scare. I do not even know if I have fulfilled that thing in a such meaningful way. It is most of the time like a passing by train, once you know the train has gone..another train has come and once you start to get in, the train is leaving. It is what I called a ‘Time”…

I think, I need to be wise spending my days, I should make sure that I have a balance time each side for my brain, another side for my soul and my heart, and another side for my body. Seems easy but it does not or it might be does. I should make sure that I learn, I pray, I help, and I eat good foods and I exercise. I have to focus on my present to get ready for the future, not to get worried. Because the past has passed, but I would not ruin my present by worrying about how my future would be like.

I remember one quotation from an Arabic poet, “Time is like a sword, we have the power to handle it, once we loose the power, then the sword will have it, it will start killing our life”…
Lastly, I know I should refer to one of the quranic surah “Wal-Ashr” — By time; Verily Man is in Loss; Except such have faith, And do righteous deeds, and (join together) In the mutual teaching of Truth, and of Patience and Constancy. What a beautiful surah…


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