No need to ask or comment…

Please ask when you know you care and you know others would not mind to answer but please keep it to yourself when you know others will feel uncomfortable to answer. Please don’t bother comment on unnecessary things because you never know if those comments would stuck and grow bad in other people’s heart. It is a matter of thinking before saying, it is a matter of being considerate, sensitive, empathetic and most importanly sincere.

On the other hand, please listen first. It is really hard to be a good listener when you are dying to tell others what you have been up to. But it is a noble attitude and very fulfilling act. No doubt, it takes takes takes love..

You might not know that there are people who are no longer able to endure other people’s comments on what she is doing or having. She feds up with all the things named “supposedly”. Each person is very individual, there are things in life that just can not be planned. Things in life that harder for some people but easier for others.

Then, once you have listened, you can have your own time to share..nicely..calmly..


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