It’s so easy to say but so hard to have it..No wonder God mentioned in one of the verses in Qur’an ” Nay, seek (Allah’s) help With patient perseverance And Prayer: It is indeed hard, except To Those who bring a lowly spirit 2:45″…I believe that there are other verses about Patience which I thought reflect how important it is in our life. Since one of the contents of Qur’an is about history. From those verses, we have a prove that God has tested people in the great sadness, and hardship…and they could endure that.

We never know that the thing we hate the most and hard to endure, could be the best thing in our life. God knows better what is the best for us. And I should remember that with every difficulty, there is always be a relief…

The question then, is there any limit to being patient? Wow…if there is no limit, the world will be fulled of many wise and peace people and it wouldn’t happen. I believe there is a limit to sabar, there is a time when you really want to cry and let it out, and it’s’s good for health too. But..I would say that everytime, we feel “enough is enough”, we should always be aware that it won’t be long lasting..we should start counting your blessings and believe that Allah will never give us burdens unless we’ll able to bear it.

Yeah..It’s hard, I am reminding myself too.


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