I have just received a proverb coming through my email that happiness is not about what we get but the journey to achieve it –I absolutely agree with it..We won’t be ever satisfied about what we get anyway! We always want what we do not have and sometimes neglect what we already have..

I chose to define my happiness as a creation not a finding. I think I should create my own happiness in every moment of my life, because if I know my own happiness meaning that I know who I am. No one could ever define my own happiness because I am the one who know the deepest feeling of my heart.

I believe that if I know myself well, then I will know my God well. I also believe that knowing ourselves and knowing God are important things in life. But..I should ask myself, “Do I really know my self?”. Hmm…I think I should spend sometimes for this question, I should listen to my heart’s saying..really, really listen!




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