My sisters..

I badly miss my sisters, both my youngest sisters. They are my best friends, my supporters, my protectors, and my inspirers. I am not able to describe my strong bond with them. Three of us are living in three different continents; I am here at the US, while my sisters live in Egypt and Indonesia. We are far by sight, but close by heart..


We seem to frequently sacrifice each other’s happiness and worried about each other’s condition. We always have an endless conversation when we ere together, and the laughter, jokes furnish our togetherness. The time passes so quickly when we share the stories, we always cherish our childhood memories and these memories have always been beautiful. We understand each other and respect each other’s decision and journey of life in our own unique way. We actually admire each other’s personality and we learn from each other too.


These words may not represent this sisterhood. But I know for sure that my prayers are always with you both.  Oh my dearest sisters, please be strong and be happy always…


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