Within the word of plagiarism…

After writing about the students’ internet plagiarism in one of my classes, Intro to Library and Information Science, my mind is wandering around. This issue is indeed getting significant attention in the academic world. Then, I started to think about other types of plagiarism acts; picture, photograph, movie, and music. Ehm, there are more to learn…


So, what is plagiarism actually? According to the Honor Code at Wofford College (2006-2007), plagiarism is defined as the verbatim repetition, without acknowledgement of the writings of another author; borrowing without acknowledging the source; paraphrasing the thoughts of another writer without acknowledgement; and allowing any other person or organization to prepare work which one then submits as his/her own.

Based on this definition, I want to highlight the principal behind the plagiarism it self. It is actually about honesty, about respecting and appreciating others’ people works and at the same time encouraging our selves to create our own original thought. Meaning? – we have to learn more and try our best to contribute to the field that we are working on.

We just have to try our best, even though our works or thoughts seem shallow and unsophisticated. It is honesty and efforts that count.

We are all aware and understand (I think?) that ethical issues are always becoming part of every single thing we are doing in life. Without these, world would be in a big mess. We just have to listen to deep down of our heart whether we are doing good or bad things. It works for me, and it might work for you too. So, let’s don’t give up learning, so that we could produce something of our own. It is hard, I am experiencing it now…but it is absolutely satisfying and fulfilling….


Stepchyshyn, Vera and Nelson, Robert S. Library Plagiarism Policies. (USA: the American Library Association, 2007), 128


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