Life is about making a choice…

For me, life is embellished by many choices. It is indeed about making a choice.

It started from morning time when we wake up until night time when we want to go to bed. In any circumstances and situations, we are faced by choices. What choices? They are choices about to go, to pursue, to spend, to do, to say, to enjoy, to listen, to ignore, to cook, to wear or even to feel…Yap! to feel…

I still remember that I once said that there are times when we do not have any choices but to do things that we do not really like, to be forcedly acceptable and tolerable for unpleasant things that are going on in our life such as being cornered and placed under to much pressures. But after some thoughts, I know I was wrong. In that situation, I know that I still a choice. It is a choice of placing my heart in a comfortable and a peaceful zone. Being relaxed, cool headed, grateful, and aware of what I am doing and being the best of what I could do and could be.

We are all human beings, we very much react in a similar manner towards loss and sorrow. We need to let them out so that we could feel better. But we have to be aware that there is no good thing out of endless mourns. There is a choice of stopping it, releasing all them out because life must go on… One of the verse in Qur’an is found to be the comforting words for my self which says: “So, verily, With every difficulty, There is relief: Verily, with every difficulty There is relief” (94:5-6). Okay..continue now..

So what is so called the best choice anyway? Here I am with my small brain trying to figure it out what “the good choice” is – It is a choice that our heart and intuition tells us aside from what other people tell us. It is the choice that is right for us even if sometimes it doesn’t seem fun or even it is not fun at all.

However, I honestly admit that I sometimes wonder if I really have made good choices in my life or if I actually have been living under the best of choices that I have ever made. I should say it is an endless process, a journey that needs experience, patience and motivation to be able learn such lessons from this short life. I would not be ashamed of admitting that I have made wrong choices too and I know that I wouldn’t be able to be a perfect person but I am aware that I am trying my best..

Here I am jotting down my opinion about how to learn to make a good choice:

v     Identify what are the obstacles that make us feel uneasy to make choice, then work on them. For me, it is easy to write the obstacles down and spend sometime to think them over.

v     See and evaluate what is the purpose of our own life and conquer the fear of what other people think about ourselves. We are the one who know ourselves better than others so that we are the one who know what is the best. I should remind myself not to forget to always seek guidance from Allah, the Almighty..

v     It is always helpful and meaningful to seek some advices from someone that we could trust and could listen; your partner, family and best friend.

v     Use your optimal thinking, courage and action to get closer to what is right in your life..

Again, life is about making a choice…Otherwise, where is the fun of it?



5 thoughts on “Life is about making a choice…

  1. Yes, that’s true. Life is about making a choice. Sometimes makes us very very confuse and fully doubt. And the end………………. Lets put on Allah’s choice, because man is just proposed and Allah disposed. Fa idzaa ‘azamta fatawakkal ‘alallah…..

    From your brother,

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