What I have learnt, being a chair of International Student Conference

This weekend, February 17th  is finally over, the EWC International Graduate Students Conference conference that I helped organized with my excellent partner, Turro, a Ph.D student in Sociology has finally ended. Compliments and kind words have been addressed to Turro and I. And Yes, I thank you people for your understanding and kind attention. Having worked with Turro was a good experience, he is indeed an excellent partner, I learnt a lot from him. I also should say my big appreciation to other people whose continuous support has always been there.. and for those others, who kindly volunteering to help for whatever reasons they might have.


It is a feeling of accomplishment, can’t be described by words that I received despite of other classical things known as “supposedly..and if it had been”..I am so happy and I think it’s okay to be proud of myself and amazed to what I have done. It could probably nothing compared to what other people have done. But, It ‘s something for me..a big thing! My mind has been wandering to what I will and should do next year. I am excited to organize this conference again and I know for sure, I learnt something and I will always learn something from this kind of experience.


I think it is necessary to jot down what I have learnt and felt so far..

v     If you deal with people, be ready to accept different kinds of attitudes and thoughts

v     Don’t expect people to have the same ideal as yours

v     Communicate and transfer the message clearly, calmly and wisely..

v     Know and understand the details, and get ready for the worse..

v     Be meticulous, especially if it relates to money, and data records

v     Have back-up people etc, think “What if”

v     Acknowledge people’s efforts and achievements

v     Listen carefully and response well afterward

v     Lower your standard because there are compromises you have to deal with

v     I have more empathy and respect to people who are doing the similar event

v     I realized that there are certain things that used to be so hard but not anymore..

v     I realized that your mind actually work better and faster when you have to juggle with times and obstacles

v     It helps you move further, increase your self confidence..


Hmm…I hope I could keep these values in my life..

Get Ready! Things in this world are neither static nor flexible…

It is you with your mind, soul, and act that can control things in your small world.


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