The bus, elderly people and me..

I decided to spend some hours at Border, a book store at the Ward Center to finish my readings, last Thursday, March 6, 2008. I packed my books, my bottle of water, my sunglasses, my jacket, and my wallet for sure. I was ready to entertain my self, to make my self happy hoping that I could finish half of my readings. Yeah..I could finish some of my readings, even though it is still long way to go…but I was happy..I made some improvement. ….HORAY! 

Yeah, the above paragraph is not interesting enough; so classic and ordinary. But, the interesting thing for me was  my mind. It was my mind which continued thinking and was wandering around during my stay on the bus. It was the people whom I was looking at that made me thinking of them.  For or as long as I remembered, it was about 75% of passengers on the bus were elderly people. I saw old men and women carrying a stick, taking a long time to get in and off the bus. I was sitting in the second row, paying attention to how those elderly people dressed up. I was also thinking where they are going, what they are doing in daily life, with whom they are living, and even what they are thinking now. I should say that it was different from what happens in Indonesia, we could rarely found elderly people in public busses. It is so impossible, not only because that our busses are not as good as in Hawaii, but with the fact that those elderly people might not be allowed to go out by themselves. It is part of the culture though, I wouldn’t want to say that this culture is better than the other. I just to say that it’s a different culture, different value, different society’s expectation, different place.. 

For me, who grew up in Indonesia, I would feel very uneasy to let my old parents going out by themselves. I would find at least, a guardian or a companion for them. But, with the fact that in Hawaii (or even I witnessed in Scotland, and Holland), the elderly are very independent people, I admire them though. It is probably, not because that their children do not love them or do not want to take care of them, it could be because that their parents want it that way; living by themselves, for the sake of privacy, for independency, or for do not want to be burdens for their children.  

Apart from that, I was also thinking of my parents for sure;  I started to miss them again, and thinking of me of how I would look like when I get old, what I would do to spend my old years, would I be satisfied for what I have done with my healthy, strong mind and body, the highest blessings that God has given to me. 

Oh my dear God..I was then reminded again by the fact that life is so short..Year by year will pass so quickly..I was then again remember to have a balance in my life, to have a good life in the world, and here after..To spend my time wisely and meaningfully..To tell my self, “ Life in the world is not an eternal one”…    Wallahu A’alam Bissowab       


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