Dr. Kadiman, me and my concern

I did not expect to admire a minister in these days. It is not because I don’t appreciate the work that a minister is doing, but it’s simply because I am ignorance, do not know much about what many Indonesian ministers have been doing so far..


But it changes when I had an opportunity to spend some times with Dr. Kadiman, a minister of information technology under SBY’s cabinet. Dr. Kadiman came to Hawaii to visit the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s Pacific Tsunami Warning Center to learn on how to improve regional security and disaster community preparedness.


I think with his knowledge and personality, he must have learnt something from this visit and definitely brought something back to Indonesia.

He is such a warm, smart, intelligent, easy going, full of spirit, and sincere man. I am so proud of having him as an Indonesian minister.


I had a quite long discussion with some other Indonesian students, and a chance to raise my concern about Indonesian libraries condition. With his capacity as a minister of technology and an educator himself, I know I could raise my concern. And here is what he said, “It is not that we do not pay attention to the condition of libraries in Indonesia, but we have other priorities that we need to handle first. There should a dramatic/big change to improve libraries in Indonesia; one of them is to transform them into interesting/prestigious places for people to visit.” He also added that we need to cultivate, raise, and improve the “demand/desire” of Indonesian people towards the love reading and writing. He mentioned that Indonesia now, is in a time of crisis in which the need and love of reading and writing are so tiny, and even almost none.


Hm..that was a big assignment to do. As usual, my mind was wandering around and started thinking of what I am gonna do, what I am gonna do..


I think it really does, takes a collaborative work between government, educators, and some dedicated people to improve libraries condition in Indonesia. There should be a way to shift public attention from TV to books.. A very serious effort needed to be done to reemerge, publisize, and improve the function of libraries in Indonesia. The government needs to allocate the special, enough budget for the improvement of libraries’ facilities, collections and services. Librarian professions needed to be upgraded and/or improved so that they could be much more appreciated by the public, and most importantly being able to keep up with the fast changing nature of information technology. Collections needed to be added and make them accessible. Facilities also needed to be developed for the sake of effectiveness, easy access, and comfort.  


If all that things can be realized, I am sure we will have better educated society. Besides, Indonesian people needed to be reminded and taught that libraries symbolize the civilization of the nation…They should know that. Yes they should…


I pray for the better Indonesia. Viva my Indonesia!!! My lovely country…



2 thoughts on “Dr. Kadiman, me and my concern

  1. Yang,
    I enjoy your clear report and thoughtful reflection. I pray that you will be the one who can make a difference in the world of library in the U.S. and in Indonesia.

    Keep thinking and writing!

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