Hello, it’s me

Since I arrived from Riverside at the end of March, I am totally swamped with my works…One after another assignment came and needed to be finished almost at the same time of the week. I had tense, “joyless” weekends, not doing much socialization — so picky, and even was so cruel with my own personal right, which is to get relax…


Apart from that classic complaint, I did enjoy my time being a student again. I am endlessly grateful and feel so lucky to be able to come back to school. I have learnt so much, and am very satisfied with my progress….. I like my classmates, my professors, my courses, the whole package, I like it!


Now, the semester almost ends, almost! I miss writing my blog, documenting many important part of my days…I envy people /bloggers who still be able to update their blog in such busy days. Congratulations! You deserved compliments! Okay, okay, I start now…Doing it in one time, trying to remember what things I want to write….Ready, GO!


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