I love, I adore, I miss but I take a pity on..

It is only my opinion, without research done to accompany this piece of writing. It is only my thought, a production of my shallow observation, experience, and a chit-chat with some friends. There could be the truth about this piece, but there must also be the false.


I am an Indonesian. The country in which I was born is big, such a multicultural and multi religious one. It is very wide in land, big in population, rich in nature, and for sure in culture. It is a home in which I love, I miss, I adore, yet I take a pity on.




I think that there is a combination of misunderstanding of cultural value and religious belief (Islam- red) that has caused some Indonesian people to live in a ‘miserable’, an ‘unfortunate’ life. I do not know which one has greater influence than the other or it could be both respectively influence each other?


It is about the misunderstanding of term “Qona’ah”; be grateful for what you have”,  and the exploitation of poor people towards the “have” people. Some people are living very dependently. They think that they have a right to ask for help all the time, that their obligations in life are enough only by praying to God, without trying real hard to earn and use their physical strength and mind to step up getting a better life.


I thought, this kind of people should be reminded that Allah has actually mentioned in the Qur’an that He won’t change the life of people unless they themselves change it. From this verse, it is clear that human being have a big portion in creating their own better, happy life. But surely, Allah has a power in one’s life too. There are things people can earn, and there are things that only God knows how to handle it, and it is absolutely on his Power. We never know if there will be a sudden storm in next few hours or so that may take our “life”, but we know that we won’t be able to feed ourselves if we do nothing and won’t improve our life standard if we always dependable on others’ kindness.


Many verses in Qur’an remind us to always be generous to give, not to ask. That people who give are ten thousand better than people who always ask. God want us to be struggle in life, do your best and yet dependent on his Power. As I understand, He wants us to be generous, spend and share our knowledge, wealth, time, and energy for something useful or for someone who can make those gifts useful and are productive. He wants us to be useful for others, not to be the burden.


However, I realize that there are many people who have been struggling, working hard, starting their day from morning till night, but yet still do not have ‘enough’. The system is not yet stable to nurture and facilitate its people to earn the living in order to live in a ‘good’ life. The opportunity is somewhat rare, even though some have done their best already. But it is not an excuse to give up! If many Indonesian people are willing to work hard, be honest in life, work cooperatively for something good and useful, be good with others, be always want to learn, I think…we can be more proud of our nation. And those values..are indeed taken from religion. 


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