About one of my best friend..

A best friend of mine suddenly resigned from her job after about less than two years she is in her last postion.


I tried asking why without forcing her to answer and she responded it with a sort of ‘uneasy’ feeling, saying it in a nice way, “I just need to move on”. No more further questions I give then. I said to her that she did the right thing. I said that if she knows what she wanted, she should go for it. I am proud of her, she did it firmly with certainty in her own way. She always does that, giving me words that make me think.


She knows me in a certain way, unlike some others who do not even know me in one or the other way. She points something about me that I myself do not even notice. She is a good listener and she surprises me in her kindness, making me grateful not knowing how to say ‘thank you’ in a proper way.


She is leaving soon, I am sad but I am happy for her. I will treasure this friendship for as long as I can. Good luck my dear, may all happiness and success in life be with you forever.


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