Addicted to Facebook (?! —

I remember the moment I decided to join Facebook which was last year 2008. I was thinking that everything was relative and there was nothing wrong with joining facebook. It was not a matter of political standing and I did not see any strong reasons why  I wouldn’t  join FB. Besides, I live far away from my family and friends and I find it amazing to be able to get updates  and be in touch again with them. It is amazing to meet my elementary school friends or even my long-lost friends back when  I was  in college, years….years..ago.

Those reasons are still valid except that as time goes on, I become to realize the negative sides of FB. I acknowledge myself that I am sort of addicted to FB. I keep logging in into FB more than three times a day, reading my friends’ status, giving comments on their status, and even spend times thinking of what status I should write in order to be seen as appropriate and won’t offend any of my FB friends. With that, I felt that I have wasted my times. I imagine that if I could switch my time of wondering in FB into reading good sites, updating my blog, reading books, writing, or even reading Qur’an / exercising  my Qur’anic  memorization, I am sure I will give more meaning to my life, be happier, and be more grateful.

Not only that, by reading my friends’ status, I somehow start to accumulate negative thoughts about some of my friends.  I sometimes get disturbed with those who are dare enough to preach as if they have the only truth in what they believe. Some statuses are also waste knowing…while I know for sure that there are many other useful better things to know. I take a pity of myself, Oh dear dear..dear..!

With those negative things about FB, I realize however, that FB is an amazing social network that provides a place for people to stay in touch with their family and friends, to keep people’s friendship stay over the years, but I do not things it is worth to know my friends’ life details too often. I feel that I should use FB in a moderate way, still become a member of it and be more considerate in using it. I am also aware that I learn somethings from some of my friends’ status. They are inspiring, witty, funny, entertaining,  and brilliant. Even some of them full of wisdoms, genuine and worth knowing.

In any how, I am not a person who is too extreme in judging  things, both in negative or positive way. I mostly feel comfortable and am happy to stay in the middle while assuring myself that I know its reasons. Last but not least, I will still stay in FB, I just need to make sure that I am not  addicted to it.


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