My man is a comedian ^_^

I am so lucky I married a comedian. He is the one man who amazingly can make me laugh, again, and again. Even though I know that some of his jokes are repetitive, I can laugh so giggly like I’ve never heard them before. His jokes are timeless for me.

People may think he is a serious man, as his work are related to teaching, researching, and writing ‘serious’ topics such as religion, Islam, Politic, History and the kinds. But well, I think I know him better than other people do, and found him as my first and foremost entertainer. His jokes are genuine, warm, and so loveable. They definitely can brighten my days, erase my sorrows and create joys and happiness around.

Many times, he pretends like he was my servant, calling me “Nyonya” which means “ Your Highness” in English. He acts like he knew nothing in the house, walking by bending his knees, asking “stupid” questions about how to run things in the house, and treats me like I were his majesty or something. And every time he does that, I cannot stop laughing. He also likes to imitate some kinds of dancing movements. He can pretend to be a Hawaiian dancer, Sundanese dancer (like Jaipongan), or does his own funny, unique dance movements. And whenever I create my own song or music, he always finds ways to create their matching dances.

Not only that, he often comments to my story in his own funny ways. His comments are “true” and “logic”, but his choice of dictions are smart and make me laugh. I never forget some of his comments that take me to a long… long laughter. Sometimes, my tears will show up if I laugh at his comments, I think my tears are resemblance of my joys. Oh!!

Even now.. when I am writing this note, I have a big, wide smile in my face. My mind is wandering around…remembering his other jokes and/or funny comments. Many of his jokes are still lingering in my mind. Oh well, I think I am just so lucky and blessed having him as my man. He is just so perfect!


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