Life is full of repetition

One day, while I was looking at my piled up dirty dishes, I did nothing, and foolishly hoped that they would clean up after themselves; impossible! Another fine day, while I was cleaning the bathroom and changing the bed sheets, I hoped that this kind of ‘housework ritual’ didn’t have to be done once in a week but once in a year; won’t happen! Another moment, while I was doing my voluntary works in the library, I suddenly felt that I had been in the same kind of situation before; feeling great and ‘a bit akward’ in the same time; funny!

Well, based on those moments, I was thinking that life is indeed is full of repetition. We do things, the same things.. over and over again. We feel things, the same feeling..over and over again. Sure, people know and are aware of this. But the question is should we just take those repetitions for granted?

To answer that question, I bring back myself into old days. I remember,, I just did my daily things like a machine. Finished one thing, then the other, then another, and then felt relieved or somewhat happy afterward, and that’s it! Nothing was going on in the middle of doing things, tasteless! I just wanted to finish those tasks as soon as possible because I can’t stand with them… I treat them as burdens.

But well, when I change that machine attitude, and do things mindfully, I feel different. I feel like things that I am doing are very worthy…they carry a spiritual message about life, about why we do things in life and how that things can be so meaningful for myself and people around us and be enjoyable. With mindful act, I treat things around me differently. I treat my dirty dishes gently, I clean my vegetable thoroughly, and I cook my food pleasantly. And above all, I do all things with a content heart. Mindful act brings me to a belief that there are nothing called as ordinary tasks in life, everything can be an extra ordinary ones!

Not only with doing tasks tho’. Mindful act also helps me deal with my feeling of sadness and disappointment. Since I believe that life is full of repetition, I am aware that there is no eternal sadness or disappointment in life. Those feeling is only temporary and soon, the feeling of happiness and joy will arrive. We have only one life in this world, and it’s only for temporary. I will cherish and celebrate it with my mindful act. Because I believe that a mindful act takes me to a content heart and a calm soul.

“Life life life, it is full of repetition, if we treat them mindfully, we treat life itself really well. But if we despise that repetition, we despise life itself.” Aloha!!


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