A Religious Shopper (its definition according to me…)

I remember being in the big shopping mall for hours with my husband one day. At that time, the mall was very crowded as the memorial weekend sale was on. Almost every single store offered such a tempting great sale. But as times went by and it was time to go home, we realized that we did not buy anything at all. We, otherwise, enjoyed not only looking at some sale merchandises, but also did some talking about the mall itself; how it attracts people (including us) to come visit, and how it survives too!.

“Poor us”, we sort of mocked ourselves on the way back home, “we did not buy anything”. But well, it’s okay, we know that we actually were happy. We were satisfied that we did not buy things that we did not need. We thought we were succeeded in controlling ourselves not to buy things just because we want them. We were also lucky realizing that we do not waste our money.

And because of that, the term “religious shopper” suddenly comes to my mind. And since I am not a sociolinguistic, nor I have a credibility to invent such term. I then googled the term, and found that such term does exists. I, however, did not bother tracing its definition. I thought I would just define the term based on my understanding of each word.

A religious shopper, I think, is a person who shops well and wisely. He or she is neither addictive to shopping, nor does a mindless shopping. That person knows him/herself very well not only financially, but also emotionally. Of course, for many, shopping is part of an entertainment, but while doing so, a religious shopper stays thinking clearly, and doesn’t want to be fooled by neither great sales, nor sales marketers.

In addition to that, a religious shopper also indirectly becomes a person who has a great empathy to those who less fortunate. People who are less fortunate than others, I think, do not have a luxury to but what they want, even worse, to but what they need. It is just a noble and great thing to do for someone to stay modest and being a money-wiser.

So, do you think you are a religious shopper? Well, I am not YET, but I want it to be and hopefully will be.
(Riverside, June 15th, 2010)


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