Me and How to stay focus, avoid distractions (saya dan tips untuk bisa fokus, terhindar dari gangguan luar)

Hello, hello readers! I don’t think I know you, but thank you for stopping by. Most likely, you must be stranded by your own searching on Google as my humble blog is not specific for a certain issue. But I should thank you anyway.  I hope you get something worth reading.  And hello again readers, I just get back from my hometown, Indonesia, which took me and my husband more than two months to spend. I had a wonderful time seeing my family. It was a great moment. I enjoyed its thickness and thinness, sweetness and sourness, and above all , its laughter and love.

In Indonesia, sounds like it is a small place, but hello Indonesia is a big country, I was occupied and been enjoyed myself with doing things other than writing (I have done a little readings tho’, which is not too bad).  And I am ashamed to jot down some classis excuses here.  It passed already and I need to get back on track. It is now the moment, the time to pursue what I have been wanting for such a long time, writing. And this morning while my passion is up, and in order to warm up my fingers and mind, I am going to write things that I should do to stay focus, to avoid distractions. I hope by writing them down, I could be more aware, and get obliged to apply my own rules.

But first of all, before stating its steps/actions to do, I feel the need to acknowledge that people nowadays are suffered with information overload and distractions flood, and I am one of them. It is only a fact that while the world are globalized in which people are easy to get connected virtually, and information are easy to access, the idea of being able to focus, and getting less distracted is expensive and it is a luxury. And with that, I think…

I should limit my checking social network pages for a limited time only. A limited time is a time that has certain length, and situation. I think I should check them while my mood to do something better and productive is down, or while I am so tired and need entertainment. Social networking is FUN; I still find it useful, needed, and entertaining. The problem is, I sometimes get drawn in “playing” with them, and don’t realize that I’ve spent hour or hours with them, which sometimes makes me feel bad.

Secondly I should also get my productive time useful and worth it. I know that I have times, certain time of the day, while my level of energy in reading and/or writing is up, I then better use it wisely so that I will be free of regrets. My level of energy and good mood is like a wave, it’s unstable, and it needs fuel once in a while.

Thirdly, I also need to get my morning rituals; my morning prayers, my breakfast, and my exercise finished at their best they can be. I don’t know about other people’s opinion, but for me, morning rituals do affect the rest of the day.  This statement, in fact, reminds me of my mother. She is an early morning riser, and she has done many useful things by 10:00 am in the morning. In the morning, she looks fresh and is glow. She stays spirited, and she looks beautiful too.

Fourthly, I also need to start again jotting down my daily schedule. It helps me stay focus and consistent on my own schedule.  And I think I should get the best and fanciest calendar and/notebook so that I be more eager to use it. ( LOL, I know,  I know.. I like fancy journal, I feel that it’s such a waste no to use such an expensive stuff ).

Besides, I also should NOT forget that time runs fast, and nobody can catch it. I can’t take my time back, and I am getting older which I do not know for sure when I will end my life (spooky… he..). Besides, I hope I can stay well as long as I want to. But who knows?, I am honestly scare of being dependable to others in doing my own thingy in the future. Ah…aging, WHOOOAAA!!

Last but not least, I should also be reminded that by being productive: doing something that I consider worth it for me, and hopefully for others too, I can consider myself as being a grateful person.

I think that’s all I can say for now… I hope  GOD grants me the knowledge and wisdom to NOT only find it easy to write but to do it at the same time. May GOD Bless you my friends!


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